Climate change, Defend The Planet.

24 Dec 2022

UN is taking drastic measures on climate change

UN Secretary-General António Guterres plans to host a “no-nonsense campaign” at the climate summit next September, calling Monday “no room for backtracking, greenwashing, finger-blaming” or repackaging of old commitments warned that there is no room. 

19 Dec 2022

About 200 countries have agreed a significant global deal to protect wildlife and ecosystems

The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework was adopted after UN, where about 200 countries agreed to a significant global deal to protect wildlife and ecosystems that making 30 per cent of Earth’s land and oceans are protected under UN, the target is 2030 and concluded in Canada todday at around 3:00 am local time. It contains 23 goals to help reverse the appalling loss of biodiversity around the world. Many Activists said the deal, was a milestone, is a compromise that has yet to reach biodiversity comparable to the historic 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

His bi-weekly talks at the COP15 summit in Montreal focused largely on this new targets for 2030 and the billions of pounds that developing countries need to reach them.

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8 Dec 2022

Open statement of united nation chief

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres opened the two-week proceedings by saying: “We are on a highway to climate hell with our foot still on the accelerator.” Without urgent climate action now, there could be a billion climate refugees around the world by the middle of the century, as Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, warned of a blistering attack on the industrialized nations responsible for the climate crisis. 

One of the biggest issues at this year’s talks is climate justice — the fact that people from the Global South are on the front lines of the climate crisis, while rich countries (who are historically responsible for that crisis) have failed to live up to their promises to cut emissions and to provide finance to help poorer nations with climate breakdown. 

Climate change is real, not a myth. We all saw what happens around the globe. The changes in the weather, in Antarctica, the UK, in Zamfara state Nigeria where it snowed. Snow in Zamfara that's a serious thing to give a sleepless night base on the weather of that area. 

8 Nov 2022


COP27 is talking against a complicated and challenging backdrop: Putin’s struggle against Ukraine has left millions facing acute hunger, but the heavy dependence on Russian electricity sources, specially gas, has plunged Europe into an power crisis which some countries are using as an excuse to reinvest in fossil fuels, as a substitute of pushing for renewables. 

The COP27 UN Climate Conference is happening right now, and Africa’s young activists are nevertheless struggling to get get entry to to what is one of the biggest moments in the climate activism calendar this year. For many, it’s a red flag about the form of conference we can assume to see — in short, constrained voices, and confined action.   

At the identical time, the results of the climate crisis are already being felt. A third of Pakistan underwater. Europe’s hard summer in five hundred years. Over a million displaced via the worst flooding Nigeria has ever seen. Droughts in the Horn of Africa. Wildfires in California. The need for daring climate motion has in no way been greater.

3 Nov 2022

Is about time those that are responsible for the emission to do something about that

Throughout my life, I’ve been the front row seat to the climate crisis. 

I’ve watched many communities get destroyed by devastating floods. People are been pressured to flee from catastrophic storms, and I’ve viewed entire communities ravaged by using drought. In my usa of Nigera, local weather change has emerge as an inescapable reality. 

Sadly, we’re no longer alone. All throughout the Global, climate mess ups have become extra regularly occurring and severe. The communities who’ve contributed the least to climate alternate are now on the the front strains of its impacts. This is what climate injustice appears like, and it wishes to end.

In recent years, international locations around the Globe have called on the governments most responsible for local weather change to compensate communities that been ravaged by using its effects. But prosperous nations are refusing to listen.

We can’t let this continue. No family have to be left on my own to go through the injustice of dropping their home to a disaster they did nothing to cause.

28 Oct 2022

Climate change is causing the economy about $16 trillion since the 1990s

Heatwaves caused by human-induced climate change have cost the global economy about $16 trillion since the 1990s, according to a study. This is because they are vulnerable to heatwaves due to their mild climate, are economically vulnerable, and are vulnerable to economic recessions and the costs of adaptation to the climate crisis. This study calculates the economic impact of extreme heat on infrastructure, agriculture, productivity, human health and other areas. Dartmouth College researcher Christopher Callahan, lead author of the study, said: “We know that heat waves destroy crops and cause diseases such as heat stroke, but they also have other effects, such as increased interpersonal attacks, increased rates of workplace injuries, and reduced mental performance. Until recently, most research on this topic was based on average values, which can mask the effects of local and temporal events, says Dr. Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Leonie Wenz, Deputy Director of Complexity Science Research, was not involved in the research. The study found that in the world's richest regions, such as regions of Europe and North America, extreme heat reduced GDP per capita by an average of 1.5% per year. In contrast, low-income regions such as India and Indonesia saw their annual GDP per capita drop by 6.7%. In Africa there is no data to tell us how devastated the impact are on us, but physical data can tell us how frightening the climate change have impacted the African countries.

9 Oct 2022

21.7 Million People To Leave Their Homes Each Year, 95% Of Which Are In Developing Countries

By Joe McCarthy November 2, 2017

According to the Environmental Justice Foundation, extreme weather causes an estimated 21.7 million people to leave their homes each year, 95% of which are in underserved developing countries. Trent said. “Problems related to drought and flooding in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and parts of sub-Saharan Africa will most likely affect the United States and Western Europe.

The report cites research finding that climate change could push 720 million people around the world into extreme poverty, undermining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or global goals. bridge. The irony [of climate action] is that it's not the cost, it's the huge cost savings over time. If we don't act, the costs are almost incalculable. Trent says this large shift will bring additional risks. When people are pushed into extreme situations and resources become scarce, the likelihood of conflict increases. 

No wall or fence can stop the weather, says Trent. A problem emerging in Pakistan or Bangladesh or parts of sub-Saharan African countries like Nigeria, Niger, etc. due to drought or flooding is very likely to affect us in the United States or Western Europe.

The report cites studies that show climate change could push 720 million people back into extreme poverty around the world, jeopardizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or other goals. globally, in the process.

And that is something that military experts around the world attach great importance to.

2 Oct 2022

2,332,171 Tootal Action Taking By Activist At The Global Citizen World Wide Campaign

Defend the Planet, the world’s poorest people contribute the least but suffer the most from the climate crisis. Climate change impacts people's health, ability to access nutritious food, and livelihoods.

2 Oct 2022

At least 1,733 environmental activists and land defenders had lost their lives on the cause 

At least 1,733 environmental activists and land defenders had been killed for his or her paintings over the last decade, in step with a brand new file from the nonprofit Global Witness.

That manner that someone protecting the surroundings is killed each different day, a harrowing statistic mainly withinside the context of the worsening weather and biodiversity crisis. Brazil, Colombia, and the Phillippines accounted for more or less 1/2 of of the murders in the course of this period, and Mexico have become the deadliest location for environmental activists in 2021 in the course of an explosion of violence.

All over the world, Indigenous peoples, environmental activists, and different land and environmental defenders danger their lives for the combat towards weather extrade and biodiversity loss.

1 Oct 2022

King Scrapped Plans To Attend Next Month's Cop27 Climate

King, an avid environmental activist, has scrapped plans to attend next month's Cop27 climate summit after Liz Truss told him to stay away. In his opening remarks, he called for a "full-blown military-style campaign" to tackle climate change and urged world leaders to allocate "trillions, not billions" of dollars. Those that mean Liz Truss is against climate change?? 

1 Oct 2022

As we mark another year of independent, Climate changeis real

Worldwide in 2022, we witness the devastation of powerful and destructive tornadoes in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Bangladesh, and eastern India, but can occur almost anywhere apart from the mentioned above places.

In Nigeria, we all saw what happen in many states in the nation from Lokoja, Jigawa, Kano, etc. Folks, climate change is real that's why we hold the Nigerian government on its promise to curb the activities that trigger this. We need more actions from the government. As we witness and celebrate another year of independent, we can also make sure we protect the earth so those that are coming will have a place to celerate theirs. 

30 Sep 2022

11.6 million Amharas

Due to war and climatic conditions 11.6 million Amharas have their lives at risk if humanitarian assistance isn’t provided to them ASAP. We ask the international community to distribute lifesaving #HumanitarianAssistancetoAmhara now. 

@USAID @PowerUSAID @USAIDSavesLives @spcharle

28 Sep 2022

POTUS promised 11 billion for climate change


The climate crisis is devastating the world’s poorest countries. 2427 action takers at the Global Citizens ask President Biden to pledge $11 billion in climate aid for Global South communities but it’s yet to be delivered. We’ve joined forces with leading climate activists to push US lawmakers to act. 

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